BASF CAMPAIGN: Nothing Short Of Transformative

BASF CAMPAIGN: Nothing Short of Transformative

The Five-Year BASF Campaign has begun and will continue to expand a growing and successful scholarship and academic achievement program, one that is making a difference on the UC San Diego campus, in the lives of our Scholars and their families, and in the communities they contribute to as a result of their outstanding education at UC San Diego.


  • African American Enrollment: To help raise it from 2.9% to at least 5%, thus enhancing UCSD’s positive impact in the African American community and the greater San Diego region;
  • Scholarships: To increase the number of BASF Scholars on campus from 130 to at least 280 over 5 years and decrease their debt upon graduation; 
  • Diversity: To enrich the San Diego regional environment with larger numbers of highly skilled African Americans in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities.


The successful and growing BASF Scholarship Program is beginning to reach a scale that is impactful on the campus and in the larger community. Now, the need is to make this growth and its impact sustainable. 


Overall Goal: Within 5 years, the endowment is fully funding new and continuing Scholars:

  • 2022 through 2025 –Raise $10M for TSDF endowment

Recent Successes in attracting endowment and annual funding support:

  • 2021 – present – TSDF endowment growth of nearly $1 million
  • $500,000 to endowment from key members of the campus community
  • $500,000 commitment from another key campus donor to annual funding over 5 years in order to double current intake from 20 to 40 scholarship awards starting 2021
  • $422,500 5-year commitment from a third key campus donor to fund 4-year scholarships for students majoring in engineering
  • $100,000 from 75 donors, including alumni, campus staff and faculty, community members and BASF Board members



Become a Legacy Donor and Create a Lifelong Scholarship in your name! 

  • A $1,000,000 gift will annually fund 16 endowed $2,500 scholarships indefinitely  
  • A $ 500,000 gift will fund 8 endowed scholarships indefinitely 
  • A $250,000 gift will fund 4 endowed scholarships indefinitely 
  • A $125,000 gift will fund 2 endowed scholarships indefinitely.


Help us make 2023 the best year in BASF History of Giving!!

  • A $25,000 gift will grow the endowment or fund ten $2,500 scholarships 
  • A $10,000 gift will grow the endowment or fund four $2,500 scholarships. 
  • A $2,500 gift will fund one $2,500 scholarship.

Truly, your gift of any amount will support the continued success of African American students at UCSD!!  

To learn more about becoming a supporter please contact us to receive a package with information.