BASF Graduates



“Alongside the financial support that the scholarship gave me, the thing that I am most grateful to the BASF Program for is my UCSD lab experience that helped me land my dream job right after graduating. It started with the Program’s faculty meet-and-greet event where I met Prof. Burkhart, who offered me a position in his biochemical lab. Research experience can be hard to get for undergraduates, and I wouldn’t have even started seeking out lab experience as a freshman had it not been for the push from BASF. “

Caitlan Johnson, is a research associate with Audentes, a leading biotech company specializing in development of gene therapies for treatment of rare neuromuscular diseases.



“I am so grateful for the opportunities and experiences I had thanks to this scholarship. Your help allows me to really go after my goals without thinking about all of the barriers that could hold me back. You’re doing something amazing for students —you’re changing lives!”


Nicholas graduated with a B.S. in Biology and is now enrolled in a Ph.D. program at Cal State Northridge. During his time as a BASF Scholar, Nick was a leader of the student organization Community Leadership Through Service, served as a tutor in Computer Sciences, and utilized the BASF Experiential Learning program to secure an internship at Northrup Grumman and to study abroad.



To our supporters; I am grateful for your selfless and compassionate heart in remembering those who are most in need and building brighter futures for African American families. This scholarship is an investment in our youth, and inherently our nation. Thank you for giving back to our communities and providing the gift that keeps on giving! God bless you.”

Influenced by other BASF scholarship recipients and program partners, Victor’s first post-UCSD job was with the San Diego City Council. He now serves as an advisor in the Student Employment Center at Southwestern Community College helping students find jobs and launch their careers.



“The Black Alumni Scholarship has meant a great deal to me because it has offset student fees and helped me avoid student loans. My BASF alumni mentor also inspired me to think about a career in law and the rights of indigenous people and I am now fulfilling that dream.“

Shunya Wade who is Black and Native American went on to Law School at UC Irvine and is now practicing law in Los Angeles while serving as an Inter-Tribal youth counselor and legal consultant to the Mayan leaders in Belize.