A Personal Note from the BASF Co-Chairs to All Admitted African American Transfer Students

Thank you for your interest in attending UC San Diego and for seeking information about the UCSD Black Alumni Scholarship Program.


The UCSD Black Alumni Fund Scholarship of  $5,000 is awarded in annual increments of $2,500 over a two-year period.  This unique, renewable scholarship is offered in recognition of an outstanding academic record and commitment to community service. The scholarship may be used toward tuition, books, and/or living expenses.


The Scholarship application deadline is midnight May 9, 2023. Transfer students who have been admitted to UC San Diego and have identified themselves on the UC application as Black or African American will receive a BASF invitation to apply and a link to the application form. This invitation will be sent shortly after notification from the Office of Admissions that you have been admitted to UC San Diego for the Fall of 2023.

Your application will be reviewed by the BASF selection committee, and you will be notified around mid-May if you have received a scholarship offer. Please note, receipt of the scholarship is contingent upon your decision to attend UC San Diego and live on campus during your junior and senior years.  In addition, you must commit to participating in BASF enrichment activities (as described below). You are invited to apply today


The scholarship is worth much more than $5,000 because, in addition to the financial award, the BASF Scholarship Program includes invaluable academic enrichments preferred by high achieving students like you.  BASF is working in partnership with the Triton Transfer Hub and your undergraduate college academic advisors.  Some of the required activities include:


  • Participation in the Transfer Bridge Summer program if available
  • Establish an Academic Plan to graduate with your college and major department academic advisors
  • Attend your college Transfer Orientation Program and the one-unit Transfer Year Experience course offered through your college
  • Participate in UCSD’s Transfer Hub programs, including


  1. The National Transfer Student Week program
  2. Getting and meeting with your transfer hub peer coach
  3. Complete in the “Triton Transfer, Network, Go!” certification program

You will be joining a community of 130 current BASF Scholars at UC San Diego. BASF brings its Scholars together several times each year. All Scholars are expected, as part of the Scholarship’s renewal requirements, to participate in the BASF Program’s enrichment activities and maintain at least a 2.7 GPA.


YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR GOAL: Our intention is not merely to have you select UC San Diego, it is to ensure that you thrive and develop to your highest potential as a member of the Triton and BASF Families. We want you to graduate having benefitted from all that this world-class university has to offer, prepared for your highest aspirations for graduate or professional school, employment, or entrepreneurial opportunities.
We look forward to seeing you soon at UC San Diego.

Ed Spriggs
Chair, BASF
Janet Fisher
Vice Chair, BASF